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  • Sunshine Melody MacAlister has been plagued by loss, and healed by love, for most of her young life. After losing her parents and going to live with her grandmother, Kitt, in small-town Shute Pond, Wisconsin, lonely seven-year-old Sun meets the three people who would change her life, and help heal her heart: young Wendy Doonan, who becomes her best friend, and twin brothers, Conall and Sean O'Malley.

    After high school graduation, loss strikes again and, Sunshine MacAlister leaves Shute Pond and the man who holds her heart, Conall O'Malley.

    Twelve years later, Sun, now Dr. "Mel" MacAlister, returns home for Wendy and Sean's wedding, and comes face to face with the man she loved and left.

    Can she truly come home again?

    Will Shute Pond and its inhabitants help her to heal her wounded heart?

    Will seeing Conall again re-kindle the passion she once felt, and fill her with love that can last a lifetime?

    Come in, attend SECOND CHANCE WEDDING, and find out.

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